This is a public alpha release, and therefore features and functionality may change and the software and documentation may contain technical bugs or other issues. If you discover any issues please consider registering a GitHub issue.

PEDASI v0.1.1


Developed as a platform and a service to explore research challenges in data security, privacy, and ethics, PEDASI enables providers of data - particularly Internet of Things data - to share their data securely within a common catalogue for use by application developers and researchers. Data can either be hosted and made accessible directly within PEDASI as an internal data source, or hosted elsewhere and accessible as an external data source through PEDASI.

An initial deployment of the platform is available at

Key Features

PEDASI’s key features are:

  • Searchable catalogue of supported data sources registered by data owners
  • Extensible connector interface that currently supports HyperCat and IoTUK Nation Database data sources
  • Dataset discovery and access via a web interface or via an Applications API
  • Queryable and extensible metadata associated with datasets
  • Adoption of W3C PROV-DM specification to track and record dataset creation, update, and access within internal datastore
  • Internally hosted support for read/write NoSQL datastores
  • Functions as a reverse proxy to data sources, returning data from requests exactly as supplied by the data source


Documentation is available for the following stakeholders:

This documentation is also available on Read the Docs.


PEDASI is provided under the MIT licence.